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No Need to Upgrade your Mark V and Other GE Legacy Products

GTC can keep you operating for as long as you want.

Spare parts: largest supply

GTC maintains the world’s largest inventory of OEM spare parts for GE turbine controls and excitation systems, and can provide expedited delivery when needed to minimise downtime. In addition to unused parts, we offer a wide range of remanufactured components to save you time and money.

Parts are competitively priced and covered for up to 24 months under our own limited warranty. Take advantage of our core exchange discounts. For customers in need of ‘guaranteed’ parts available for their Mark IV and Mark V systems, ask us about our parts plan.

Repairs in-house

Repair your pull-out components or send in your ageing spare parts for testing and certification. Our state-of-the-art on-site test, repair facility and expert Speedtronic technicians employ fully energised panels for efficient testing and verification. These are all backed by our own warranty.

Field service

Expert servicing, troubleshooting, commissioning, controls upgrades, preventive maintenance, and more!

HMI upgrades

Upgrade your existing HMI unit and outdated Windows software to run with Windows 7 with new hardware. This resolves the current issues operators face with Microsoft not releasing anymore security updates for its older Windows operating systems. A new HMI running on Windows 7 would continue to use the client’s current Cimplicity and TCI applications.

E-PROM backup

Applying best practices over two separate site visits and using dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment, one of GTC’s qualified engineers will perform a detailed survey of the customer’s Mark IV panel EPROMs, then create and execute a customised backup plan.


Join our user forum to discuss and share various issues of your Speedtronic control system. With the collective knowledge of GTC’s Speedtronic engineers and over 70 Speedtronic users in this forum, we hope members can resolve issues and/or learn more about your systems.

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