Doosan Lentjes

Two large scale 165MWe lignite-fired CFB twin oaks, Texas, US.

  • doosan-berlin-germany
  • Budapest, Hungary, waste-to-energy plant, 480,000 t/a, 4 lines, roller grate.
  • Changwon, Korea, Doosan Manufacturing Workshop, 4.4 million square meters, boiler production capacity of 5,500MW / year
  • Harlingen, the Netherlands, waste-to-energy plant, 280,000 t/a, 1 line, counter-reciprocating grate
  • Krakow, Poland, waste-to-energy plant, 220,000 t/a, 2 lines, counter-reciprocating grate
  • Lanesborough, Ireland, power plant, 100 MWe, peat, Circoclean® flue gas cleaning system
  • Moneypoint, Ireland, power plant, 3 x 305 MWe, coal, Circoclean® flue gas cleaning system
  • Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, power plant, 4 x 700 MW, HFO, Seawater flue gas desulphurisation system
  • Strongoli, Italy, power plant, 2 x 23 MWe, biomass, CFB firing system
  • Twin Oaks, Texas, USA, 2 x 474 MWth, lignite and petcoke, CFB firing system