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CUBIC Launches Wall-Mounted Panel System

CUBIC launches a wall-mounted version of the CPS25 panel system – especially designed for switchboard solutions up to 800A. CPS25 is developed with the demands, needs and wishes of the users in mind.

The advantages of CPS25 are easy installation, competitive price, and unique flexibility. With the new CPS25 wall model CUBIC now covers 90% of the market for floor and wall-mounted distribu-tion switchboards up to 800A.

Freedom, versatility and an almost unlimited number of applications make CPS25 relevant to all industries and situations where switchboards for main and distribution purposes are necessary. CPS25 is independent from component manufacturers, with standard mounting and connections to cover the most common components.

CPS25 may easily be designed and assembled in one day.

As a standard CPS25 is IP3X, but with a large number of additional options it is possible to adapt CPS25 to meet project needs and specifications.

The wall-mounted version positions CPS25 in the market as the most competitive solution when it comes to price, assembly, application and versatility.

CPS25 Delivers high-density arrangements.

With the many available parameters CPS25 is the most competitive solution on the market.

Utilise the characteristics of CPS25 to make your assembly process the most efficient and cost ef-fective possible.

With all available parameters CPS25 is the most competitive solution in the market.

Utilise your production machinery in the best possible way.

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