Kato Engineering AC Generators (Alternators), Motor-Generator Sets and Controls

Kato Engineering designs and manufactures AC generators (alternators) for customer packaging to a prime mover. We also manufacture motor-generator sets for power conditioning or frequency conversion. A few benefits of our generators include:

  • 200kW to 25MW
  • Continuous duty or standby
  • Diesel/gas engine or turbine driven
  • Standard, configurable and custom designs for a best-cost solution to your power needs
  • Optional totally enclosed air or water-cooled enclosures and air filters to match the environment
  • Can meet virtually any certification or standard
  • Global sales and factory-direct service support

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Oil and gas generators

Kato™ AC generators are suitable for on-shore and offshore drill rigs, refineries, FPSOs, and liquefaction and gasification terminals. In hazardous locations, Kato Engineering can meet class one, division two or zone two of North American or European (ATEX) standards. We also can meet API-546 standards.

AC generators for marine environments

For main vessel power or standby, Kato Engineering generators comply with the requirements of maritime specifications. Winding protection and a compact size are essential characteristics. To absorb and withstand the sea’s punishing forces, Kato™ generators possess important features such as high-shock bearings and a rugged frame.

Mining generators

Traction alternators help reduce the payload on mine-haul trucks. The rugged construction and superior insulation of Kato™ generators ensure they can handle bumpy grimy conditions as well as thermal cycling. Since many mining operations are remotely located, Kato™ generators are also used for power generation.

Nuclear generator sets

Kato Engineering offers generators for generator sets that provide emergency backup power to the nuclear power industry. Our Nuclear Quality Program meets the requirements of the nuclear industry and is structured to comply with 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1, and 10CFR Part 21.

Data centers

Generators for data centers are designed with low sub-transient reactance. To ensure reliable performance, stator coils are fully wrapped with mica insulation for increased resistance to voltage spikes caused by non-liner loads.

Traction alternators for railway conditions

Kato Engineering provides traction alternators for switchers (four and six-axle locomotives used for short runs and assembling trains), small hauler locomotives and high-speed commuter locomotives. The rugged construction and superior insulation of the alternators ensure they can handle bumpy, grimy conditions as well as the thermal cycling caused by a locomotive’s constant acceleration and deceleration.

Kato Engineering is a business unit of Emerson (EMR). Founded in 1926, we have an 88-year tradition of design and manufacturing excellence and innovations.

Custom engineer and power design

To meet a project’s need for custom power requirements, Kato Engineering has a team of design engineers that will provide intimate knowledge, experience and technical interaction to mutually design a product that best fits your power needs.

Reliable alternators

Kato Engineering alternators are designed to last. Many are still operating in the field after more than 40 years. We comply with numerous standards and certifications. The US Navy trusts Kato Engineering to the point that our generators provide continuous or emergency power on nearly all of its major ship classes.

High quality design and manufacture

With state-of-the-industry manufacturing equipment, high-grade materials and a dedicated work force, Kato Engineering provides its customers with the highest quality possible. Kato Engineering is ISO 9000 certified and meets critical defense and nuclear requirements. For the last three years a major OEM has awarded Kato Engineering with its highest quality certification.

High performance windings

Windings (coils) are the heart of an alternator. Kato™ designs its windings to last. Mica turn-taped magnet wire in the stator coils provides almost twice the instantaneous surge withstand capacity over glass-covered magnet wire. Precisely layered insulation tape applied to the stator coils ensures maximum insulation properties and optimum fit to reduce failures in severe conditions. Kato Engineering uses a two-part vacuum-pressure impregnated epoxy system for better and more consistent winding protection as compared to a traditional bake-varnish system.

Design testing and verification

Every generator undergoes rigid testing at Kato Engineering’s test facility. Two seismic test bases ensure demands for low vibration levels are met. A dedicated safe area and closed circuit monitors make customer witness testing a pleasant experience.

Customer service and routine maintenance and repair

Through lean, perfect execution and customer service initiatives, Kato Engineering strives to provide its customers with a world class buying and after-purchase experience. Factory spare and replacement parts and worldwide on-site service for inspection, routine maintenance or repair are readily available.

From the frozen tundra to burning deserts to salt-laden atmospheres, Kato Engineering’s ruggedly-constructed generators have survived the world’s harshest environments, and our commitment to meeting customer needs has made the Kato™ brand synonymous with dependable power generation worldwide.

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White Papers

Gas and Steam Turbine Synchronous Alternators

Kato Engineering designs and manufactures a complete range of gas and steam turbine synchronous alternators for applications requiring 100kW to 25,000kW output.

Kato Engineering Inc.

Head Office

PO Box 8447





United States of America

+1 507 625 4011 +1 507 345 2798 Kato Engineering Website

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Press Release

22 November 2018

Kato Engineering will be exhibiting at this year's Power-Gen International in Orlando, Florida, US, on 4-6 December.

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25 September 2018

Kato Engineering and Leroy-Somer will be presenting its GenSchool courses, which include classes on mechanical theory, options, features, regulators and protective devices, maintenance, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and advanced theory.

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23 July 2018

Leroy Somer and Kato Engineering have announced the D700, which is an automatic digital voltage regulator designed to meet the challenges of power production.

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29 August 2014

Kato Engineering will hold its GenSchool in Mankato, MN, US, 28-30 September 2015.

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5 August 2013

There are different methods to measuring alternator efficiency, and the results may vary depending upon the method. Therefore, when comparing efficiencies at the quotation stage, it is important to make sure the values given have been calculated by the same method.

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13 March 2013

Kato Engineering has released a white paper entitled 'Kato MGs Provide Clean Power to Sikuliaq'.

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31 January 2012

Emerson Industrial Automation, a business of Emerson, has announced a new high efficiency alternator line designed and manufactured by its business unit Kato Engineering.

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Regional Offices

Kato Engineering Inc.

Head Office

PO Box 8447





United States of America

+1 507 625 4011 +1 507 345 2798 Kato Engineering Website
Kato Engineering Inc.

36, Lok Yang Way

Jurong, Singapore 628641



+65 264 8363 +65 264 8562

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