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KPA Unicon

Water and Steam Boiler Plants for Heat and Steam Production

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KPA Unicon specialises in boiler plants that use fossil fuels and biofuels, providing responsible energy solutions and lifecycle services.

KPA Unicon has decades of experience in energy projects and optimises each project scope and technology according to customer needs. We offer solutions from pre-studies to services, which are provided throughout the plant’s whole lifecycle.

Responsible energy solutions

The group comprises the parent company of KPA Unicon Group Oy, and its subsidiaries KPA Unicon Oy, KPA Unicon Service Oy and KPA Unicon Works Oy in Finland, OOO KPA Unicon in St. Petersburg, Russia, and TOV KPA Unicon in Lviv, Ukraine. The headquarters are located in Pieksämäki, Finland.

Energy solutions and operation and maintenance of boiler plants

KPA Unicon offers projects on a turnkey basis or process delivery basis, depending on customer requirements. The company takes responsibility for the operation and maintenance of boiler plants. Energy-efficient solutions and lifecycle services are offered by the KPA Unicon service team.

As a forerunner in the energy field, we also offer plants on a leasing contract. Customers who would rather focus on their core business can leave the energy production to us.

Oil and gas solutions

KPA’s product range includes oil and gas and biomass boiler plants.

Steam boiler plants for process industry include:

  • Unicon SF capacity range 7-300 t/h
  • Unicon ST capacity range 30-600 t/h
  • Unicon MST capacity range 20-300 t/h

Hot water boiler plants for base load and peak loads plants for district heating:

  • Unicon WF capacity range 5-300 MW
  • Unicon WT capacity range 20-500 MW

Biomass solutions

  • Unicon Biograte capacity range is from 3MW to 25MW, or 4-37 t/h / boiler
  • Unicon Pellet capacity range from 3MW to 25MW or 4-37 t/h / boiler
  • Unicon BFB capacity range from 5MW to 20 MW or 7-30 t/h /boiler

Biomass solutions are used for:

  • Hot water boiler plants for district heating
  • Hot water boiler plants for industrial use such as at sawmills
  • Steam boiler plants for process steam production such as in the food industry
  • Steam boiler plants and hot water plants for peak load and backup use

Boiler Island Solutions

Unicon Biograte Citius, Unicon Biograte Altius and Unicon Biograte Fortius are boiler island solutions for power plants.

The three solutions produce electricity in the range of 2,5MWe to 10MWe, which ensures that steam production capacities and steam parameters are optimised for each project.

Our boiler island solutions are designed for sustainable energy generation, focusing on flexible utilisation of local renewable fuels, as well as innovative technologies and lifetime services.The solutions are high modularised and prefabricated, which makestransportation easy and the installation time at the site is short.

Citius Unicon Boigrate has a steam production capacity of 10MWth to 14 MWth, a steam pressure of 32 bar and an average steam temperature of 450ºC.

The Altius Unicon Biograte features a steam production capacity between 18MWth and 22 MWthSteam, an average pressure of 66bar, and a steam temperature of 480ºC.

Our Fortius Unicon Biograte operates with a standard steam pressure of 66bar, a steam temperature of 480ºC, and steam production capacity typically of 36MWth to 44 MWth.

Module-structure boiler plants

KPA Unicon boiler plants can be manufactured as module types. The modules are pre-assembled and tested at the workshop in Finland. They are dimensioned so that they can be transported by rail, sea or road. At the site, the modules are installed side-by-side and the plant is ready for commissioning. The module structure minimises the delivery time of the plant.

Boiler plant services

The company offers services for its own install base and also to other boiler plants. When KPA Unicon takes responsibility for operation and maintenance, customers can focus on their core business instead of the operation of their energy production units.

Plant monitoring systems

PlantSys is a plant monitoring system, enabling remote assistance and remote control according to customer needs, via the internet. End customers use PlantSys as plant automation control system or contract operation monitoring as a separate service.

PlantSys System

The PlantSys system enables boiler plant operation from anywhere in the world.

Kilpilahti Combined Heat and Power Project

The Kilpilahti combined heat and power (CHP) project is a modernisation project that aims to replace two old boilers and two steam turbines from the existing power plant in the Kilpilahti industrial area in Porvoo, approximately 40km east of Helsinki, Finland.

Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant, Ostrovets

The Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is being constructed approximately 18km away from Ostrovets, Grodno Oblast. The 2,400MW NPP, consisting of two 1,200MW units, will be the first of its kind in Belarus.

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