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Mee Industries’ New High-Pressure Filter Makes Maintenance Easy

Mee Industries offers a new high-pressure filter which simplifies nozzle maintenance. Pump seals degrade over time causing small particles of seal material to enter into the high-pressure feedlines which can plug fog nozzle filters. The high-pressure filter captures particles and reduces nozzle filter plugging.

The high-pressure filter removes particles as small as 10µm and can handle water flows up to 7gpm (26lpm). Imagine needing to clean only a few high-pressure filters instead of removing and changing hundreds of fog nozzle filters.

Features include:

  • Extends service interval for nozzle filter change
  • High-pressure filter is easily accessible on skid
  • Reduces need to access duct to reach nozzles
  • Clean one high-pressure filter instead of replacing hundreds of nozzle filters

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