Participants Take Part in Berlin Waste Management and Energy Conference

Numerous participants from Germany and surrounding countries, including Meeraner Dampfkesselbau, took part in the Berlin Waste Management and Energy Conference in Berlin, Germany.

The main topics included politics, law, economics, perspectives of the German waste and energy sectors, as well as new trends in the waste market and new plants in Europe.

As always, the individual topics were discussed in specialist lectures from politics, science, and industry. Once more, an intensely debated topic was the German energy revolution and the current unclear framework conditions of German politics.

Topics this year have been:

• Challenges
• Strategies
• Waste market
• Zero-Waste
• New construction and optimisation
• Corrosion
• Flue gas treatment
• Sewage sludge
• Alternative fuels
• Waste wood and hazardous waste

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