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Parker Brings Latest Condition Monitoring Solution to Power-Gen®

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technology, is showcasing its latest wireless solution for condition monitoring at this year’s Power-Gen International Conference, 8-10 December, 2015, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Parker is bringing the updated line of wireless SensoNODE™ Blue sensors and SCOUT™ Mobile software to Power-Gen to discuss market applications. Developed with Bluetooth® Smart technology, this solution gives plant managers a wireless system to monitor an asset’s pressure, temperature, and humidity. SensoNODE Blue sensors accurately record the data, and then transmit it wirelessly to the user’s mobile device with SCOUT Mobile software, putting vital data in the palm of a user’s hand.

SensoNODE Blue and SCOUT Mobile help power generation facilities eliminate downtime and reduce unnecessary maintenance routines with accurate and efficient equipment monitoring. The simple installation of SensoNODE Blue sensors allows users to easily attach the low-power sensors to machinery, even in the most difficult-to-reach locations. Information is transmitted directly to a robust data platform on the user’s mobile device, which is designed to trend, assess, and monitor machine health quickly and accurately.

Tad Orstad, Applications Engineer with Parker, will be answering questions and demonstrating the SensoNODE Blue and SCOUT Mobile solution at Booth #2925 at the Power-Gen conference.

"The Industrial Internet of Things is changing the way power generation facilities work, and connecting the digital and physical worlds is creating new opportunities for businesses to leverage high volumes of data to improve efficiency and quality," Orstad says.

"Through wireless connectivity, advanced condition monitoring is helping our customers grow their business in ways they never thought possible."

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