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SA Robotics

Remote and Robotic Manipulators, Hazardous and Radioactive Containment Structures and Gloveboxes

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Special Application Robotics (SA Robotics) is an advanced technology and engineering company. It is our vision to maintain our position as the world’s premier company for fast-track delivery of custom remote and robotic manipulators, specialty tooling, hazardous and radioactive containment structures, gloveboxes, and waste handling and packaging systems.

Since 1992 we have serviced several industries, including the nuclear, defense, aerospace, environment, energy and commercial sectors, with an innovative, pragmatic approach to making work easier, safer and more cost-effective for our customers. SA Robotics’ wide range of capabilities and services give us a distinct advantage that differentiates us from our competitors.

SA Robotics is a “one-stop shop” self-contained design, fabrication, testing and deployment company for an array of equipment throughout these industries. SA Robotics strives to be the best-value technical solution provider for our customers by applying state-of-the-art technology in a simple and straightforward manner to solve complex industrial problems.

Custom manipulators and remote handling equipment for hazardous environments

SA Robotics is an industry leader in the development and construction of custom manipulators for a wide variety of applications. SA Robotics’ innovative equipment is field-proven on some of the world’s most hazardous and sensitive projects.

We have extensive experience in nuclear waste management and facility decommissioning. Using high-strength composite technology, we are able to design and build strong, lightweight manipulators that can safely operate in the most hazardous of conditions, including radioactive or hazardous environments.

Gloveboxes and containment systems

SA Robotics has proven time and time again that we are a reliable source for containment systems for a variety of hazardous materials. While we specialize in the design and development of containment systems and gloveboxes for nuclear applications, we have the experience and capabilities to produce systems for hazardous chemical, radioisotope, biological and pharmaceutical applications.

These custom applications have come with a wide array of constraints and requirements, and we have developed the tools to fit the job. From small mobile glovebox enclosures to full-scale containment systems with integrated robotic components, SA Robotics can build the containment system to solve our customers’ most difficult project challenges.

Full service decommissioning of nuclear facilities

SA Robotics has extensive experience in the decontamination and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Having participated in the world’s first decommissioning of a commercial nuclear reactor, we have established ourselves as an industry leader. SA Robotics is considered a one-stop shop for the design, building, testing, deployment and operation of decommissioning services and equipment.

As a leader in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, SA Robotics utilizes this extensive experience and knowledge to aid our clients with insightful technical decommissioning strategies. These technical strategies give our clients the knowledge and resources to make valuable and accurate decisions about their projects. Combined with SA Robotics’ fast-track project delivery, we are able to supply equipment and resources quickly once a decommissioning process has been approved.

Quality assurance program

SA Robotics supports clients who require a company with a pedigree of highly qualified nuclear equipment. The company has a fully developed quality assurance program (QAP) based on ASME/NQA-1’s 18-point criteria for nuclear applications. SA Robotics is also certified to ISO 9001:2000 in the US and EU. These quality standards ensure that all elements of our business are fulfilled.

From procurement of materials to our organizational structure, SA Robotics is continually improving our business systems internally as well as for our customers. As evidence, we have recently improved our business by receiving both an ASME U stamp and R stamp, and we will soon receive an N stamp as well.

Virgil C Summer Nuclear Station

Virgil C Summer nuclear station is located in Jenkinsville, South Carolina, US. The 966MW plant was built with an investment of $1.3bn.

Chernobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC)

The Chernobyl New Safe Confinement (NSC) is an arch-shaped structural shelter being built to confine the radioactive material at Chernobyl Unit Four, protect the existing temporary object shelter (sarcophagus) from weather damage, and enable the decommissioning of Unit Four.

PIE Supplies PIE Cave with Powered Remote Manipulator

SA Robotics has won a contract to deliver a powered remote manipulator (PRM) and control system for the DMTR PIE cave at the Dounreay site in the United Kingdom. The PRM standard configuration includes six degrees of freedom with gripper actuation and tool handling capabilities. The PRM joints ar

SA Robotics Providing Services and Equipment to Remove Core of KE Reactor

SA Robotics is pleased to have started providing the services and equipment required to remove the core of CH2MHILL Plateau Remediation's KE reactor at Richland, WA. The KE Reactor was constructed in the early 1950s. The mission of the reactors was to produce weapons-grade plutonium. The core is

SA Robotics Delivers Trawsfynydd’s Rotary Deployment Arm

SA Robotics is pleased to have started the design, manufacture and works testing of a Rotary Deployment Arm (RDA) for TSiF/Magnox's plant at Trawsfynydd, UK. This is a long-reach, telescopic manipulator is designed to remove inventory and clean tanks associated with the resin vault 2 (RV2), resin

SA Robotics

3985 S. Lincoln Ave, Suite 100





United States of America