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Free Solon Manufacturing White Papers Available at Global Petroleum Show

Solon Manufacturing, the longest-standing manufacturer of Belleville Springs in America will feature a complete line of Solon Belleville Springs used in valve and flange live loading during the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada, 8-10 June 2010. Solon Manufacturing will be at booth #2007.

Solon Belleville Springs are used for live loading in applications where high spring loads are required in small spaces. Live loading of valve packing is the process of stacking Solon Belleville Springs on the gland follower and fastening studs to maintain load on the packing set. This is done when the stretch in the fasteners is not sufficient to compensate for load losses due to valve cycling, differential thermal expansion, packing creep, etc. Using Solon Flange Washers on bolted joints improves retained preload through various forms of relaxation, such as bolt and gasket creep, vibration, embedment and differential thermal expansion.

Available at the booth will be the white paper ‘Valve Live Loading Using Belleville Springs’ and ‘Why Do Gasketed Joints Leak?’. This paper discusses the main factors that cause bolted flange joints and valves to leak and illustrates how the use of specially engineered Belleville spring washers can prevent leaks and reduce fugitive emissions.

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