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Sulzer Introduces CPE End-Suction Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump

CPE process pumpsSulzer’s innovative CPE ANSI process pumps exceed the strictest energy regulations for all industries, as well as the requirements of ASME B73.1. With revolutionary hydraulics and high efficiency, they offer low life-cycle costs.

The new CPE pumps meet the process requirements in a variety of industrial applications and are suitable for use with clean or slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids of up to 3,000cSt, and fibrous slurries with a consistency of up to 6%.

When engineering the new range of CPE pumps, we at Sulzer considered numerous factors that can potentially influence the total cost of ownership of a process pump. The result is an innovative design that makes it possible for the user to achieve remarkable annual savings.

We improved the reliability of the CPE pump and reduced the risk for unplanned shutdowns by optimising the shaft sealing. Heavy-duty rigid bearing units ensure a long bearing life and further protection against unexpected shutdowns.

The new pump design brings higher efficiency that translates into lower energy consumption. Coupled with this, the high standardisation, easy installation and robust construction also equate to lower maintenance and operating costs.

Sulzer Pump Solutions Inc sales manager Joe Salah said: “We are eager to offer our new CPE pump range to our customers because it fits a wide range of industrial applications and will reduce operating costs.”

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