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TES VSETÍN Cooperates with Porsche

TES VSETÍN, a leading European player in the field of power engineering, has begun cooperation with Porsche Consulting experts, to attempt to optimise the process control.

David Bečvář, chief executive director of TES VSETÍN said: "Demanding tasks call for new methods – for new approaches. We have asked experts in process control excellence to come forward with advice or suggestions for any possible improvements in our production process.

"We are aware, that the methods used by automotive companies are on the highest level. We have been concentrating on processes that have decisive influences on design and construction development, cost reduction, shortening lead-time, and quality control.

"Mapping the workflow, providing bottleneck analysis, suggesting steps for improvement, and establishing new methodologies have resulted in months of hard work.

"At the moment, we are struggling to keep up with the high standards set for most effective workflows and to evaluate the fruits of our efforts in the issue."

For the time being, everything indicates that the extensive experience of Porsche will have a clear-cut impact on the producer of electric machines and drives, and that it will become an integral part of their production strategy.

This will hopefully contribute to their success significantly in helping them hold their coverage of global markets.

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