TES VSETÍN Opens Branch Office in Moscow

TES VSETÍN has begun operations at its new branch in Moscow.

To improve the effective management of business activities in CIS countries, TES Vsetín opened a branch office specializing in TEM (electric machines) and TED (electric drives) division projects.

The aim is to link current projects to the tradition of mutual cooperation, taking advantage of the well-established reputation of MEZ Vsetín, MEZSERVIS and TES VSETÍN brand products. New products are coming out to meet needs in traditional territories, as well as in new markets.

David Bečvář, the chief executive director at TES Vsetín said:"We are involved in several strong fields. We are not only specialists in the area of traditional test stands, at the moment are we involved in high capacity motors and generators."

The Company from Vsetín has been successful in selling its products, not just in the traditional markets such as Russia, Ukraine,and Belarus, but also in new markets, including Turkey and Canada, as well as in Southeast Asia.

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