Dropsafe Dropped Object Prevention Solutions for the Power Generation Sector

Dropsafe produces an extensive variety of dropped object prevention solutions for the power generation, mining, maritime and oil and gas industries.

The technology firm’s products protect both employees and equipment from items such as handheld devices, unsecured tools and structural components being dropped. They are designed with incident-free operations and uptime at the forefront of specifications.

The company’s technologies also provide secondary securings for fixtures, including lights, CCTV cameras and potentially loose-fitting speakers.

Prioritising innovative design, intelligent engineering and industry collaboration, Dropsafe’s goal is to provide the power generation industry with safety solutions that are robust, relevant and cost-effective.

High-quality stainless-steel nets for overhead fixtures

Through enclosing and securing overhead fixtures, the Dropsafe Net prevents dropped objects falling from height and therefore reduces the risk to individual’s safety.

Developed through collaborations from professionals in both the operations and health and safety industries, and offering application-specific solutions for various kinds of fixtures, the net allows customers to improve workplace safety while diminishing risks to operational integrity.

The Dropsafe Net has been adopted at power generation facilities worldwide, protecting people against the risk of dropped objects and emphasising the industry’s ongoing drive to apply best practice, while further improving workplace conditions. Several custom installations have been undertaken to meet the needs of site owners and operators in applications both on and offshore.

The net has achieved type approval from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) under the DOPP+ certification scheme, which verifies the product’s manufacturing quality and allows users to showcase a commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

Corrosion-resistant polymer panels for barrier systems

The Dropsafe Barrier is made using robust, high-grade polymer panels that are internally secured along the guard railings, deploying a patented universal attachment system. The solution has been engineered to address many of the frequent obstacles encountered with other available barrier systems.

Barrier systems both metal and non-metal can experience corrosion as a result of ultraviolet and chemical exposure. With a five-year warranty included, the Dropsafe Barrier’s impact resistance and structural integrity remain even in the harshest environments.

Three years of development on the barrier has included thorough testing and analysis, wind tunnel testing and third-party validation and certification.

Achieving the same type approval from ABS under the DOPP+ certification scheme as the Dropsafe Net, the Barrier is the only dropped object barrier system currently possessing this status.

Owners and operators of power plants around the world are using the Dropsafe Barrier as a versatile solution for protecting personnel during critical operations and maintenance activity.

Steel mesh pouches for handheld objects

A proven deterrent to handheld items becoming dropped objects, the Dropsafe Pouch can be customised for applications in adverse weather conditions.

The stainless-steel mesh pouch is able to secure items and be attached to an engineer working at height.

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Press Release

Dropsafe Received ABS Approval for Meeting Drops Prevention Standard

A pioneering solution to dropped objects in the offshore energy industry Dropsafe Net received type approval from ABS for meeting the Drops Prevention Standard.

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