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A. Eberle Announces Micro Rogowski Coil and WeSense Adaptor

A. Eberle

A. Eberle has announced its thin and compact Micro Rogowski Coil, which has been added to the company’s power quality range and has been co-developed with one of its suppliers. The company has also developed the WeSense Adaptor, a new power quality measurement device.

Despite the thin coil diameter, the Micro Rogowski Coil achieves enhanced accuracy of small currents.

The Micro-Rogowski Coil has a measuring range of 1A-500A RMS, with a length of 220mm. The coil’s diameter is 70mm and has a clamp head measuring 6mm.

The product has a frequency range of 10Hz-50kHz and its International Marking Protection (IP) is IP67.

A. Eberle has also created the WeSense Adaptor that allows its customers to use an Android smartphone as a power quality measurement device.

The adaptor uses an innovative app that visualises the online registration of voltage, frequency, short-term voltage deviation, and harmonics, while the data can be sent via E-mail. The device also has a USB charger.

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