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Elcon International, as one of the world’s leading suppliers of circuit breaker test equipment, recognises your need for complete and accurate analysis of your circuit breakers. Founded in 1979, and focused solely on circuit breaker testing, Elcon International provides smart and professional solutions for everyday work with high-voltage products and switchgear.

Circuit breaker test equipment and analysers

As a circuit breaker manufacturer, the use of BTS2000 stationary test equipment ensures state-of-the-art quality and production speed. Service and commissioning for transmission, distribution and generation is also quick, complete and simple with the SA10 and SA5 circuit breaker analysers.

You can monitor the condition of your circuit breakers from anywhere in the world with the online monitoring system (OLM), while gas analysis using the SF6-analyser and leak detection with the SF6-IR leak unit is easy and quick.

Our customer base stretches worldwide, and includes ABB, Alstom, Siemens, RWE, BC Hydro, Vattenfall, EON, Crompton Greaves, Eskom, Hyosung corp, Ormazabal, Powerlink, Transgrid and Furnas, to name a few.

Circuit breaker service and commissioning

The SA10 is small, rugged and easy to use. The unit is well established on the world market and is used by breaker experts worldwide. Some advantages:

  • Built in micro-ohm meter (200ADC)
  • Rugged and light (11.7kg)
  • Supports digital and analogue transducers for travel parameters and damping
  • Automatic measurement of coil / motor voltage / current
  • Wireless communication
  • Fully compatible with our factory test units
  • Flexible and powerful software (BTS11, free and delivered with the unit)

A wide range of accessories can be provided.

Online monitoring of circuit breakers

The OLM is a complete condition monitoring system which gives you the possibility to analyse your breakers from anywhere in the world. It generates an alarm if any of the important circuit breaker components are malfunctioning. With the use of trend analysis you can even get alarms before a circuit breaker failure.

  • The complete circuit breaker history is stored
  • Trend analysis
  • Monitoring of the circuit breaker with internet / intranet
  • Reference installations for customer review available

BTS2000 stationary circuit breaker test unit

The fully automatic system BTS2000 gives the factory a secure and reliable production. Complete with acquisition unit and power supplies, it operates and gathers all relevant circuit breaker data. It is used not only for routine testing, but also for type testing and endurance tests.

  • Complete routine and type testing of the circuit breaker
  • Fully-automatic measurement and circuit breaker operation
  • Compatible with all relevant IEC / ANSI standards

Breaker test equipment accessories

Light power supplies (8kg, 30A), transducer fastening kits, Bluetooth communication kits, standard cable sets, customised cable sets and computers are examples of accessories that are available to make working days easier for service and factory personnel.

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Switch Analyzer SA5 For Medium Voltage Breakers

The SA5 unit is fully utilised when connected to a notebook PC.

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