Ludwigsfelde, Germany – Debut at Ludwigsfelde, Germany: MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg has received a U.S. Navy gas turbine for overhaul. With this LM2500 turbine, the Ludwigsfelde gas turbine specialists have landed their first order from the U.S. Navy, this time not just repairing individual parts but the entire turbine. The U.S. Navy is the single largest user of LM2500 engines worldwide with a total population of 435 engines. The contract was awarded competitively with MTU Maintenance providing the best value. Burkhard Schulz, Vice President Industrial Gas Turbines, commented: “This contract constitutes a milestone in our corporate his-tory. We hope to establish a long-standing relationship with the U.S. Navy.”

MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg is the industrial gas turbine center of excellence of MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading engine manufacturer. It repairs and overhauls gas turbines of General Electric’s LM series and Vericor Power Systems’ ASE series. MTU Maintenance has been the German Navy’s industrial partner of choice since 1981, providing services for the gas turbines. Also the Turkish and Portuguese naval forces and several civil shipping companies are relying on the Ludwigsfelde team to support their propulsion systems.

MTU Aero Engines ranks among the big players worldwide. It operates affiliates across the globe. In fiscal 2002, it had 8,400 employees and 2.2 billion euros in sales. The company is the world’s largest provider of independent commercial engine services. In the military arena, it is the German lead company for practically all aircraft engines flown by the country’s armed forces. Technologically among the leaders in the industry, MTU Aero Engines in 2003 won the 23rd In-novation Award of the German Industry for its advanced commercial high-pressure compressor.