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ECV 5 Air Fuel Ratio Controller now available for Lean Burn as well as Rich Burn Gas Engines

7th January 2004, San Diego, CA – Continental Controls Corporation has completed development of a wide range Lamda O2 sensor interface board which will allow the ECV 5 Air Fuel Ratio Controller to work with Lean Burn Gas Engines.

For a Lean Burn application the wide range sensor is added along with the interface board to provide closed loop emissions control. The existing Carburetor can be used or with the addition of CCC’s new Mixing Venturi, the Carburetor and the entire OEM fuel system can be replaced. By replacing the carburetor it is possible to improve mixing and maximize emissions reduction.

After extensive testing at their facility, CCC is now testing on a lean burn Waukesha engine running digester gas in southern California. Typical problems with these lean burn engines that the new CCC products will eliminate are difficulty starting, problems with emission compliance during load changes and with problems controlling emissions when the BTU fuel value of the gas changes.

The Continental Controls ECV 5 Emissions Control Valve is a computerized valve that precisely controls the fuel injection pressure to the carburetor or mixing bowl. It functions as an electronic pressure regulator. The computer in the valve measures the voltage from the O2 sensor located in the engine exhaust, and adjusts the pressure at the valve discharge to maintain the proper air fuel ratio. This closed loop operation precisely controls the fuel mixture and minimizes emissions.For more questions call or visit our Website at

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