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Continental Controls Introduces Valve Viewer Software for A/F Controllers

San Diego, CA – Continental Controls Corporation, a manufacturer of controls and components for Gas Turbine and Reciprocating engines, has announced the release of a new software diagnostic tool called Valve Viewer A/F.

Valve Viewer A/F is a Microsoft Windows based application used for monitoring real time data from either the ECV 5 or EGC 2 air fuel ratio controllers also offered by Continental Controls. The data can be monitored or stored on a PC running Windows software. All of the data is time logged and can be played back as a diagnostic tool to evaluate problems related to the fuel control and emissions reduction on natural gas engines.

This data logging can occur over a short period of time such as during a periodic preventative maintenance visit by a technician with a lap top. Or, it can be monitored continuously on a PC located on site with the engine.

Valve Viewer A/F will allow a user to set up all of the user definable set points in Continental Controls controllers and will monitor such key data points as Oxygen sensor set point and feedback, valve position, fuel manifold pressure, and whether the valve is controlling in default pressure control or Air Fuel control modes.

The software will be available in three versions. One version will communicate directly with the ECV 5 valve controlling a rich burn gas engine. Another version will communicate with the optional ECVI display module on a rich burn engine. And still another that will work with the ECV 5 for Lean Burn applications of gas engines. All three versions will be distributed on a single CD-Rom.

According to Rick Fisher (Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Continental), "this software could become significant because it can allow the operator to monitor the performance and drift of the Oxygen Sensor and sound an alarm if it goes out of range." "It will also help to determine if any emission or other fuel control problem is related to the Oxygen Sensor, low exhaust temperature, 3-way catalyst or the fuel controller."

Data Available from Valve Viewer A/F:

  • Oxygen Sensor Feedback Signal in millivolts
  • Fuel Manifold Pressure Inches of Water
  • Valve Position
  • Air Fuel Ratio Control Mode or Default Pressure Mode
  • Pre and Post Catalyst Temperature
  • Minimum Differential Temperature
  • Low Temperature Set Point
  • Over Temperature Set Point

The new software will be available in November and will sell for $595.

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