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SPX is a leading supplier of control valves and desuperheaters for the power, process and nuclear industries. Our strength lies in our ability to provide innovative control valve solutions for our customers’ difficult application problems. With its Copes Vulcan brand, the company has been providing valves to the power, pulp and paper, water, oil, gas and petrochemical industries since 1903.

Special application globe style control valves

SPX manufactures Copes Vulcan valves designed for both general service, as well as severe duty applications. These durable valves meet special ANSI ratings (150-4500) as well as comply with ASTM/ASME standards. Ranging in size from 0.75in through 24in, the valves possess optional connections such as threaded, butt / socket weld, or flanged.

Steam conditioning equipment (desuperheaters)

SPX manufactures seven styles of desuperheaters, ranging from 150 to 2500 ANSI ratings. Our desuperheaters feature:
• Mechanical atomizing
• Variable orifice
• Integral cooling water function available
• High turndowns
• Special ANSI ratings
• Meets ASTM/ASME standards

Trim type valves

With its Copes-Vulcan brand, SPX offers a wide variety of general service and severe duty trim designs in the industry. Our wide variety of trim configurations allows us to customize our valve designs to meet our customers’ requirements and conditions, while optimizing performance. Featuring a velocity and erosion control, and designed for effective noise control and cavitation elimination, our trim configurations are available in at least 13 different types. Copes-Vulcan trim type valves incorporate RAVEN™, HUSH™, CAV B9© and One Stage Hush© technology.

Pneumatic / electric hydraulic actuators, valve assemblies

In addition to our pneumatic actuators, SPX is pleased to provide valve assemblies featuring electric or electric hydraulic actuators to meet customer requirements:

• Diaphragm style. Model 700
• Diaphragm style. Model 1000
• Model 1000 field reversible
• Electric available
• Electro / hydraulic available
• Piston
• Reverse acting
• Direct action

Nuclear control valves

The company manufactures nuclear control valves in pneumatic, motor and manual operated versions. Our nuclear control valves include metal and resilient seats and globe, angle, isolation and three way body configurations. Sizes range from 3/8in to 20in class 150 to 2500.

Nuclear high performance butterfly and ball valves

SPX supplies nuclear high performance butterfly and ball valves with metal or resilient seats. Our Copes Vulcan nuclear high performance butterfly and ball valves also feature bi-directional Class VI shut off; torque seated / piston seated (butterfly only) option; pneumatic, motor, manual operators; modulating or isolation modes; two an three piece ball valve design and ASME Section III "N" and "NPT" stamp certification.

SPX’s DSCV-SA Valve: a Modern Solution to Steam Conditioning

The DSCV-SA (Direct Steam Converting Valve - Steam Atomization) from SPX is designed for unprecedented operational reliability, as it eliminates potential risks associated with substandard designs during plant start-up, shutdown and turbine trips.

SPX to Provide Speciality Squib Valves for New Nuclear Power Plants

SPX Corporation announced today that its flow technology business has reached an agreement with Westinghouse Electric Company to provide highly specialised squib valves for up to 12 new AP1000tm nuclear power plants in the United States and China. The contracts combined are valued in excess of

SPX Process Equipment – LIGHTNIN Operation

LIGHTNIN® FGD – VSF Side Entry Mixer Like your FGD process, your mixing equipment is an investment for the future. LIGHTNIN has successfully applied hundreds of top and side entry agitators for flue gas desulfurization processes, from the very first FGD installation in the 1

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