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LIGHTNIN® FGD – VSF Side Entry Mixer

Like your FGD process, your mixing equipment is an investment for the future. LIGHTNIN has successfully applied hundreds of top and side entry agitators for flue gas desulfurization processes, from the very first FGD installation in the 1960’s to today’s modern power plants. Since the first installation, the boiler systems have advanced considerably from the multiple absorber towers per boiler in the 1970’s and 80’s to today’s systems with a single tower per boiler, capable of operation for extended periods without shutdown.

VSF side-entry mixer designed for FGD absorber service:

  • Rugged gearbox
  • C-Face motor mount
  • Slurry seal, no seal water required
  • Coupling to facilitate seal removal
  • Seal shut-off to provide maintenance on unit while absorber is in operation
  • Impeller hub is sealed to prevent ingress of slurry and subsequent corrosion and localized pitting
  • Multiple o-rings allow easy assembly and disassembly for maintenance

A new LIGHTNIN FGD, VSF side entry mixer brochure is now available.

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