Process Optimisation: Top Energy Efficiency Solutions in Waste Energy

The AfvalEnergie Bedrijf (AEB) in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has been processing waste for almost a century. The company aims for maximum environmental efficiency, in the sense that waste does not simply remain waste, but is converted into energy and basic materials.

The waste is incinerated and the energy released is used to generate electricity, while the remainder becomes usable heat. As many valuable materials as possible are reclaimed from the ash residue.

To produce electricity from the available combustion energy, the well-known cycle of steam boiler, steam turbine (connected to the generator), condenser and feed water pump is used. It is also commonly known that the higher the pressure and temperature of the steam supplied to the turbine and / or the lower the pressure and temperature of the steam leaving the turbine, the higher the conversion efficiency is of fuel into electricity.

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