What AL Can Do For You

Solution-provider to DCNS, SNECMA Motors, SAFRAN, Europropulsion, Ariane V for critical axles, spindles and mechanical bolting systems, André Laurent's specialises in quality and technology.

Areas of expertise include:

1) AL starts where the DIN/ISO stop : > M39 - M170< x L 883 mm Max. (Production starts from M8 but only for specials and 3.2 certificates and/or quality plan)
2) Solutions: 50% forged mechanical function parts and 50% critical forged binding, fixing and power transmission elements.
3) Cold-rolled threading : > M8 - M 250 < x L 8000 mm Max
4) Special steels and alloys - Nickel- Cobalt - Titan alloys - Non-ferrous AL and Cu alloys - amagnetic steels.
5) Special surface treatments and coatings like copper/silver plating on threading or DLC or Zinc-Lamellar coating for instance.

We provide:

  • Quality with a brand new material investigation laboratory with additional DT and NDT facilities for increased reactingness, expertise and safety
  • Lloyd's Certification
  • GL's Certification
  • ADW-0 certification for high-pressure vessels - boilers and valves
  • SKODA nuclear certification
  • SAFRAN Award
  • ASME III audit and certification for auxiliary nuclear safety engines
  • Technology with research programmes on new stainless grades between 1700 Mpa and 1900Mpa
  • 'The intelligent screw' to communicate dynamic tension-status during operation for higher safety - reduced risk and maintenance costs
  • André Laurent can help wherever certified expertise and solutions are sought for new projects, complex requirements for critical anchoring and bolting systems both in powertrain and powerdrive systems.

With Subsidiaries in Marocco and China, Sales colleagues in Germany and India, soon in Brazil, from Vaasa to Cape Town over Trieste and from Shanghai to Sao Paolo over Casablanca, André Laurent can serve and service your most demanding challenges.

We are awaiting your call and questions.