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MeeFog™ Provides More Megawatts for Sahara Power Station

MeeFog™ Technology boosts gas turbine output by cooling the inlet air, and uses half the water of a water injection system.

When the General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL) needed to quickly boost its power infrastructure, they decided to install a power station at Samnu, a remote location in the Sahara that is approximately a day's drive from the urban centres along the Mediterranean coast.

Samnu receives less than half an inch of rain per year and has an average summertime temperature of 40°C (104°F) and extremes as high as 45°C (113°F). Therefore, the site, and the urgency, presented several engineering challenges.

As a solution, the Libyan Government contracted APR Energy to provide and install four fast-track, mobile turbine power units.

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