Manda: Simple Power Grid Monitoring Software for Remote Applications

Manda allows power operators to monitor electrical installation remotely with a single piece of simple-to-use software.

Use a mobile phone, tablet or computer with a web browser to read your instruments and configure new monitoring pages on the fly, even if you are out of the country.

Reboot the web server remotely if there is ever a problem. With Manda, you will never be out of touch with your electrical monitoring again.

Manda is an acronym for Metering And Network Data Analysis, which is what Manda does along with much more and for much less than you might think. Manda comes pre-installed on a tiny ARM server which can be free-standing or DIN rail mounted.

Simply connect the power supply, plug in a network cable, provide the IP addresses of your meters to Manda and you are ready to configure your metering pages for access across your LAN. You can even broadcast the pages over the Internet.

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