Analyser Toolkit for Pressure Density and Temperature

Elcon's PDT3 Toolkit includes different fittings to easily connect it to most types of Siemens, ABB and Areva (Alstom) breakers.

The analyser toolkit for pressure density and temperature can be used for:

  • SF6-density measurement
  • Pressure measurement for hydraulics and SF6 gas
  • Vacuum measurement
  • Temperature
  • Pressure point of condensation measurement (dew point)

The concept is to have everything you need in one box when doing maintenance work. For the energy suppliers that have many different types of breakers in their substations, this is the ideal solution. The PDT3 is, however, used by the breaker manufacturers as well, due to its flexibility and the cost-effective procedures it generates.

For more information, please download this free white paper.

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