SPX’s DSCV-SA Valve: a Modern Solution to Steam Conditioning

The DSCV-SA (Direct Steam Converting Valve - Steam Atomization) from SPX is designed for unprecedented operational reliability, as it eliminates potential risks associated with substandard designs during plant start-up, shutdown and turbine trips.

As a result, the DSCV-SA is at the forefront of modern thermodynamic engineering in steam conditioning. Key to the DSCV-SA's performance are a number of unique technical innovations developed by SPX following extensive consultation with customers in the power generation sector.

The first of these unique innovations is high-pressure trim balancing. Unlike conventional turbine by-pass valves, the DSCV-SA is designed to use high-pressure balance rather than low-pressure balance.

This eliminates risk of wear, damage or breakage relating to piston rings and balancing systems, which are a major problem with traditional valves.

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