Online Magazine – Nuclear’s Next Phase

27 May 2010 (Last Updated May 27th, 2010 18:30)

Finance, fusion and fast breeders - in this month's online magazine we explore the nuclear renaissance.

Online Magazine – Nuclear’s Next Phase

After 20 years out in the cold, there has been a turnaround in favour of nuclear power with scores of proposals for new nuclear plants being put forward. Even public opinion, once overwhelmingly set against it, has begun to turn and nuclear power is now being looked upon as one of the key ways of reducing carbon emissions and preventing long-term energy shortages.

This renewed focus on nuclear is driving investment and innovation, and in this edition we look at the next generation of nuclear power: from high-temperature gas reactor (HTGR) technology to fast breeder reactors, which convert spent fuel back into energy, and the construction of the ITER fusion reactor.

Using an engaging mix of editorial, images, video and animation, the online magazine will bring you in-depth coverage into the next generation of nuclear power. To view the issue, click here.

Nuclear today

We have seen a positive shift towards nuclear power over the last ten years, leading to talk of a nuclear renaissance in popular discussion. Steve Kidd, director of strategy and research at the World Nuclear Association, looks at what has changed since the year 2000.

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Finding fast fusion

With the largest fusion reactor in the world under construction, Professor Steven Cowley of the UK fusion programme UKAEA Culham talks to our sister site NEI about the current challenges for fusion and how his team is working to overcome them.

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Video: Fusion is energy’s future

Professor Steven Cowley, director of the UK fusion programme at UKAEA Culham, is certain that nuclear fusion is the only truly sustainable solution to the fuel crisis. In this video he explains why fusion will work.

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Fast breeders key to fertile nuclear future

Efforts are increasing to fast track the development of a new generation of nuclear reactors. As concerns grow about long-term shortages of uranium and growing quantities of radioactive waste, David Binning investigates fast breeder reactors, which convert spent fuel back into energy.

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HTGR: A positive reaction

HTGR technology can generate hydrogen, heat and electicity, giving it plenty of potential for the power sector. Will Dalrymple talks to Dan Keuter, Entergy Nuclear vice president of planning and innovation, about HTGR’s future.

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Europe’s nuclear renaissance: Stalled or speeding ahead?

Is the hype over a so-called European ‘nuclear renaissance’ just that – hype? Tim Probert, conference director of the Nuclear Power Europe conference and exhibition, examines the evidence.

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New build and investment opportunities: The top players

Over 20 countries are proposing to build new nuclear power plants and many share similar drivers and issues. Tony Ward looks at how Ernst & Young groups similar new-build programmes together and assesses the investment opportunities.

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Next month’s edition

In next month’s issue we look at emissions reduction and pollution control. As governments and utility companies worldwide are trying to reduce pollution from fossil-fuelled power stations, we investigate if optimising separate parts of the system comes at the expense of the system as a whole.

We also report on the latest technologies being developed for monitoring pollutants and plant performance efficiency and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which could be a key technology in cleaning up coal.