• Obama Adds Fuel to Ethanol

    The controversial ethanol industry has been given a boost – with strings attached. Natalie Coomber looks at how US President Barack Obama is being tested by placing science before politics.

  • From Ripple to Wave: Small Hydro Gathers Power

    As global legislation pushes renewables forward, small hydro is gaining traction on both sides of the Atlantic with the inaugural ViB Small Hydro 2009 conference in Vancouver this month. Natalie...

  • Offshore Wind Needs to Encourage Investment

    Offshore wind farms may prove to be the UK energy saviour, but better policies are needed to improve cost effectiveness. A staff report by Modern Power Systems analyses the Carbon...

  • Radioactive Waste Holds Back Nuclear Revolution

    With the reduction of carbon emissions now key, opposition to relatively clean nuclear energy is starting to cool. David Binning investigates the many questions around how to dispose of the...

  • Carbon Credits

    The commoditised carbon credits trading markets experienced its best year to date in 2008. In spite of the global economic crisis, analysts believe 2009 will be another prosperous year for...


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