• Is it Sayonara for Kashiwazaki?

    An earthquake in July 2007 caused the world's biggest nuclear power station to leak radioactive waste into the sea. Paul French investigates what went wrong, what went right and what...

  • The EU Green Paper

    The result of the EU's request for comments on the March 2006 green paper.

  • The Latest Power Diet

    What do you get when you mix heat and power? A lower carbon marketplace, according to Dr Gareth M Evans. He takes a look at how cogeneration is starting to...

  • Powering Up for Change

    Mitch Beedie takes a look at the EU's green paper on energy change and what it promises the future energy industry.

  • Dancing With the Sun

    Alternatives such as single-axis solar power are finally hitting the big time. As companies like Wal-Mart in the US look to win consumers over further by using green energy, David...

  • Thorium: Cleaner Nuclear Power?

    With uranium reserves depleting and fear of terrorism growing, a new opening has been created for the debate on thorium. Mitch Beedie reports.

  • Creating a Future for Coal

    With major projects happening right around the world, coal gasification is getting a lot of attention at present. But who will get it right, and what will it take? Mitch...

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