• Copenhagen’s Hope for Change

    Global accord is needed for the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to be a success. Mitch Beedie reports on the challenges that lie in wait.

  • Putting Energy into Coatings

    The energy sector presents challenges like no other when it comes to formulating effective and durable coatings. Dr Gareth Evans explores the latest technologies impacting the power market.

  • The Future’s Smart

    The Smart Grid of the future will store and regulate mass quantities of information for energy users around the world. And as Ozge Ibrahim finds out, most of the technology...

  • Reducing the Risk of Radioactive Waste

    The storage and disposal of nuclear fuel is a crucial part of the nuclear debate. Ahead of Arena International’s Nuclear Waste: Challenges of Underground Storage Disposal conference, Ozge Ibrahim takes...

  • Towards an Integrated Grid

    Increasing efficiency and ensuring supply from renewable sources are key priorities in promoting their uptake. Mitch Beedie looks at how virtual power stations could be the answer.

  • A Biomass Fuelled Future

    Two British breweries are using biomass-fuelled combined heat and power plants (CHP) to create heat and electricity. Ozge Ibrahim caught up with the plant's creators, Wartsila, to find out how...


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