• The EU Green Paper

    The result of the EU's request for comments on the March 2006 green paper.

  • The Latest Power Diet

    What do you get when you mix heat and power? A lower carbon marketplace, according to Dr Gareth M Evans. He takes a look at how cogeneration is starting to...

  • Powering Up for Change

    Mitch Beedie takes a look at the EU's green paper on energy change and what it promises the future energy industry.

  • Dancing With the Sun

    Alternatives such as single-axis solar power are finally hitting the big time. As companies like Wal-Mart in the US look to win consumers over further by using green energy, David...

  • Thorium: Cleaner Nuclear Power?

    With uranium reserves depleting and fear of terrorism growing, a new opening has been created for the debate on thorium. Mitch Beedie reports.

  • Creating a Future for Coal

    With major projects happening right around the world, coal gasification is getting a lot of attention at present. But who will get it right, and what will it take? Mitch...


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