• Rise of the BRIC Nations

    As the economies of the BRIC nations boom, the insatiable need for power grows. When will the rest of the world have to make sacrifices to accommodate this?

  • Ethanol – the Organic Argument

    Ethanol may seem like an ideal replacement for traditional fuels, but what effect might it have on farming and prices? Mitch Beedie takes a look at the arguments weighing up...

  • Bioalcohols: the Future of Fuel?

    The use of biofuels has been kick-started by the launch of a UK-based plant, set to trigger larger future operations. Annabel Hardy investigates how these crop-based fuels could offer a...

  • Drax Fights for its Future

    As the largest coal-powered station in Europe, the UK’s Drax is used to the eagle eye of criticism. Mitch Beedie takes a look at how the power plant is trying...

  • A Nuclear Britain

    Move over climate change, Britain has nuclear power on the agenda. And as Mitch Beedie finds out, it has high hopes for the future of the nation with its growth...

  • Is it Sayonara for Kashiwazaki?

    An earthquake in July 2007 caused the world's biggest nuclear power station to leak radioactive waste into the sea. Paul French investigates what went wrong, what went right and what...

  • The EU Green Paper

    The result of the EU's request for comments on the March 2006 green paper.

  • The Latest Power Diet

    What do you get when you mix heat and power? A lower carbon marketplace, according to Dr Gareth M Evans. He takes a look at how cogeneration is starting to...


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