• Recruiting for a Renewable Future

    The fast-growing alternative energy market has opened the door for new growth in the renewables sector. But does the industry have the manpower required to take advantage of this? Jeff...

  • Best Solutions for Plant Automation

    Increasing power demands put pressure on plants worldwide, leading to necessary new technology and refurbishment. Mitch Beedie investigates the most suitable options available for power plant automation, whether installing new...

  • EU Fights Emissions with Renewable Policies

    Oliver Schäfer of the European Renewable Energy Council shares his views on climate change and renewables. Tony Mallett reports in the run-up to the World Biofuels Market expo in Brussels.

  • Powering the Rise of the East

    The East is catching up with the Western world in terms of its energy consumption and investment in new technologies. Dylan Bushell-Embling reports on how China and India's growth is...

  • Keeping Cool When the Heat is On

    2006 saw a power outage in California, another in London – just how can power systems cope in summer weather? Jodie McLeod asks what it takes to ensure power stations...

  • A Smart Way to Balance Supply and Demand

    The power industry is struggling to meet demand without resorting to expensive and environmentally unfriendly resources. Mitch Beedie discovers how one green technology innovator is proposing a solution to the...


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