• Future Debate: What to Expect from Power-Gen 2008

    The power industry is gearing up for one its biggest calendar events for 2008 – Power-Gen Europe in Milan. Power Technology tracked down Nigel Blackaby, international conference director at Pennwell...

  • The Growth of a Powerful Empire

    As both its economy and population count continue to grow, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in infrastructure. Dr Gareth M Evans looks at the Kingdom's proposals for new power schemes.

  • Beneficial Billing Systems

    Mitch Beedie looks at how a capable billing and customer management system can improve business for utility companies.

  • South Africa’s Power Crisis: the Final Score

    Earlier this year South Africa was plunged into darkness as power outages led to an emergency situation. Paul French examines the effect of the country's power crisis on important industries...

  • Why Should the West Invest in Iran?

    Despite political conflicts and investment issues, Iran is still a significant player in the power industry. Mitch Beedie takes a look at the country's position in the global oil and...

  • Recruiting for a Renewable Future

    The fast-growing alternative energy market has opened the door for new growth in the renewables sector. But does the industry have the manpower required to take advantage of this? Jeff...

  • Best Solutions for Plant Automation

    Increasing power demands put pressure on plants worldwide, leading to necessary new technology and refurbishment. Mitch Beedie investigates the most suitable options available for power plant automation, whether installing new...

  • EU Fights Emissions with Renewable Policies

    Oliver Schäfer of the European Renewable Energy Council shares his views on climate change and renewables. Tony Mallett reports in the run-up to the World Biofuels Market expo in Brussels.


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