• The longest running power companies

    The majority of the world’s oldest power companies started their operations in businesses unrelated to the power sector before progressing in the industry through organic and inorganic means. Power-technology lists...

  • Top 10 biggest wind farms

    Five of the ten largest wind farms in the world are operated in the US. Two offshore wind farms have made the list, while the remaining eight are onshore.

  • Top ten nuclear power plants by capacity

    Most of the world's biggest nuclear power plants (NPP) by net capacity are in East Asia. Regular inspection and safety measures have been stepped up at the large capacity nuclear...

  • What is the best energy sector to work in?

    The fourth annual US Energy and Employment Report breaks down the country’s energy workforce into five sectors: fuels; electric power generation; transmission, distribution and storage; energy efficiency and alternative fuels....

  • Inside Germany’s €1bn battery fund

    The German Government has earmarked around €1bn to support battery cell production at home and in Europe as part of a bold bid to take 30% of global market share...


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