• Energy Waves

    Solar and wind power continue to capture global attention as efficient ways to harness energy from natural sources but the strength of tidal power cannot be overlooked – least of...

  • The Power of Simulation

    Training plant operators on the job is expensive and time consuming. Mitch Beedie discovers that desktop simulators are proving an invaluable resource.

  • SCR Cleans Up Coal Power

    As fears over climate change and global pollution increase, the world wishes for emission-free industry. Mitch Beedie investigates one technique that is getting the power sector closer to reaching that...

  • Power’s Wireless Future

    Could wireless be the next technological revolution to impact on power plant performance? Mitch Beedie talks to Bill Brownlee of Emerson about the latest digital developments.

  • The Big Biofuels Debate

    Once seen as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, biofuels are now causing global concern. Dr Gareth Evans examines their potential impact on food and water resources worldwide and whether...

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