Enefit Green  is to acquire Nelja Energia from Vardar Eurus and other minority shareholders for a purchase consideration of €289m ($336.94m).

Vardar Eurus owns a 77% stake in Nelja Energia, while the remaining 23% is held by multiple stakeholders.

Enefit also assumed Nelja Energia’s net debt of €204m ($237.84m) as part of the deal.

Enefit and the target companies are based in Estonia and are engaged in renewable energy generation, while Vardar Eurus is a Norwegian that develops windfarms.

China Environmental Energy Investment has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU ) to divest approximately 49.41% share in Pure Power Holdings for HK$200m ($25.48m).

The company has proposed paying HK$2m ($0.25m) as earnest money within five days from the signing of the MoU.

Pure Power Holdings is an investment holding company and owner of Bright Sky Energy & Minerals , which owns oil and gas leases in Nye County Nevada.

Fenice has entered a binding agreement with Prima Holding to acquire 71.6% stake in Zephyro .

“Enefit has assumed Nelja Energia’s net debt of $237.84m as part of the deal.”

Fenice is engaged in providing power efficiency solutions, while Prima Holding is engaged in providing integrated energy management solutions. Both companies are based in Italy.

Green Network Energy has agreed to acquire Burgo Energia , an Italian electric utility.

Based in the UK, the Green Network Energy is involved in renewables, while Burgo Energia is an Italy-based company engaged in power generation.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen Green Network Energy’s position in the electricity and gas market in the UK.

Steel Partners Holdings  has revealed plans to acquire the remaining 82.2% stake in Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises (B&W).

Steel Partners proposes paying between $3 and $3.50 for every B&W share in cash as part of the transaction.

Steel Partners is a global diversified holding company, while B&W is involved in power generation. Both companies are based in the US.