Online Monitoring of Circuit Breakers

The OLM monitoring device has resources to monitor SF6 gas density, coil current, motor current, coil circuit conductivity, power voltage, power line current, temperature, and mechanical travel status, as well as pressure.

It has two programmable alarm signal outputs, as well as an optically isolated high-voltage protected RS485 serial communication port.

It is intended as part of station equipments with continuous communication but has a data buffer for a number of events in case of interruptions. The device also monitors itself and all connected sensors continuously and immediately reports any malfunctions detected.


  • Almost any important part of any high voltage circuit breaker today still in service, from any manufacturer and based on any technology, can be monitored with the OLM concept
  • Station OLM equipments can easily be expanded with more monitored circuit breakers, new and already in service
  • Circuit breaker manufacturer independent producer ensures further development and full support even for mixed brand switchgear solutions
  • OLM-provided new circuit breakers can be delivered from world leading manufacturers such as ABB and Siemens

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