Switch Analyser SA10 Circuit Breaker

The SA10 circuit breaker timer has a built-in micro Ohm meter / Ductor for measuring static and dynamic resistance of the breaker poles. It weighs 11.6kg / 26lbs.

Tests in areas with high induction at known problematic substations has proven that the SA10 can withstand these extreme conditions. It is rugged, small and highly appreciated.

SA10 features:

  • Analysing software BTS11 included
  • Built in a small metal carrying case
  • Fully compatible with our factory line test equipment
  • No panel switches, just two push buttons: open and close
  • Supports both digital and analogue transducers
  • The only field test equipment with a built-in micro ohm measuring function. 200A.
  • Possibility to use the ‘first trip’ analysing method
  • Weighs only 11.6kg / 26lb
  • Automatic measurement of coil and motor current / voltage
  • Designed for both offline and online analysis of circuit breakers


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