Policy support key for adoption of net metering and other smart grid technologies, says GlobalData

21 October 2019 (Last Updated October 21st, 2019 09:38)

Policy support key for adoption of net metering and other smart grid technologies, says GlobalData

A smart grid is a type of electrical grid that integrates energy with related measures. These include smart meters, smart appliances and renewable energy.

Smart grids aim to create a system that runs intelligently and can be monitored and controlled by the user.

Smart grids employ innovative services alongside intelligent control in order to facilitate the connection between generators and technology. A smart grid provides consumers with a focused view of energy use, and allows for efficient monitoring. As the world advances and looks to digitalise, it is important for power companies to keep up in order to see success in the market. 

GlobalData shares key policies from major countries around the world that impact smart grids and their place in the energy market.

 Through this report, GlobalData explores key policies from governments around the world regarding smart grids. It provides a comprehensive insight into smart grid markets, and identifies new opportunities for companies and investors. Using unique research methods GlobalData is able to delve into the world of smart grid technology and accurately assess its capabilities in 2019 as well as in the future.

Key points from this report include:

  •         A run-down of global policy on smart grids and energy
  •         Coverage of critical smart grid initiatives and their scope
  •         Discussion of net-metering policy and smart meter roll-out worldwide
  •         An overview of advanced infrastructure, microgrid, smart cities and electric vehicles.

The Smart Grid Policy Handbook 2019 report will allow the reader to develop strategies in accordance with specific industry insights and policies. Comparing the support provided to different smart grid technologies will enable the identification of market opportunities and increased profitability.

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