Power industry tenders in Q3 2019: Total volume increase revealed
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Global power industry tenders for Q3 2019 down 12%

06 Dec 2019

Global power industry tenders for Q3 2019 down 12%

Power industry tenders activity in Q3 2019 saw 2,642 tenders announced, marking a drop of 12% over the last four-quarter average of 3,015, according to GlobalData’s power database.

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Power industry tenders in Q3 2019: Asia-Pacific leads global activity

On comparing tenders activity in different regions of the globe, Asia-Pacific held the top position with 1,743 tenders and a share of 66% during Q3 2019, followed by Middle East and Africa with 505 tenders and a 19.1% share and Europe with 202 tenders and a 7.6% share.

In fourth place was North America with 181 tenders and a 6.9% share and in fifth place was South and Central America with 11 tenders and a 0.4% share.

On the basis of the last four-quarter average, Asia-Pacific held a lead over others with 1,812 tenders, followed by North America with 484.

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Thermal tops by technology in Q3 2019

Looking at tenders by the type of technology, thermal accounted for the largest proportion with 396 tenders and a 47.9% share, followed by solar with 314 tenders and a 38% share and hydro with 46 tenders and a 5.6% share.

Looking at power industry tenders divided by segment as tracked by GlobalData, T&D Project was the most popular segment in global power tenders activity during Q3 2019, with 1,123 tenders, followed by T&D Equipment (719) and Generation Equipment (400).

The proportion of tenders by category tracked by GlobalData in the quarter was as follows:

  1. Project Implementation: 1,078 tenders and a 40.8% share
  2. Supply & Erection: 943 tenders and a 35.7% share
  3. Repair, Maintenance, Upgrade & Others: 538 tenders and a 20.4% share
  4. Consulting & Similar Services: 38 tenders and a 1.4% share
  5. Electricity Supply: 24 tenders and a 0.9% share
  6. Power Purchase Agreement: 21 tenders and a 0.8% share.

Power tenders in Q3 2019: Top companies by capacity

The top issuers of tenders for the quarter in terms of power capacity involved were:

  1. Solar Energy Corporation of India (India): 4,272.52MW from six tenders
  2. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (United States): 4,000MW from two tenders
  3. Manila Electric (Philippines): 2,900MW capacity from three tenders.

All publicly-announced tenders are included in this analysis drawn from GlobalData’s Power database, which covers power plants, T&D projects, equipment markets, analysis reports, capacity and generation, and tracks tenders and contracts on a real-time basis.

More in-depth reports and analysis on all reported tenders are available for subscribers to GlobalData’s Power database.

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