Coronavirus company news summary – Simec installs 500kW turbine off Wuhan coast – Bruce Power helps Ontario fight Covid-19

1 May 2020 (Last Updated May 1st, 2020 09:19)

1 May

Simec Atlantis Energy, in collaboration with China Three Gorges (CTG), has installed a giant wave energy turbine off the coast of Wuhan city despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The 500kW tidal stream turbine has been installed over the last 18 months. SIMEC Atlantis Energy CEO Tim Cornelius said: “The fast execution, from concept design to installation, represents a phenomenal feat of engineering that bodes well for a rapid future roll-out of tidal power in China, which in turn will have material cost reduction implications globally.”

The continuous shift to low-carbon energy sources across the world may speed up after the ongoing coronavirus crisis ends, according to Royal Dutch Shell. The company’s CEO Ben van Beurden told Reuters that while Shell was not ringfencing its low-carbon Integrated Gas and New Energies division from spending cuts to weather the crisis, those businesses would be shielded from the worst of the reductions.

Canada-based Bruce Power has set up a new Retooling and Economic Recovery Council to support Ontario’s fight against the Covid-19. Bruce Power president and CEO Mike Rencheck said that 90% of the investment in manufactured goods and services comes from 480 Ontario companies and other provinces, The new initiative will “harness these capabilities in the fight against COVID-19, and help drive our economic recovery.”

Measures to safeguard associates from Covid-19 infection have slowed down work on one of the two reactors of American energy firm Southern’s Vogtle nuclear plant in Georgia by a couple of months, Reuters reported. The company noted that the target in-service date for Unit 4 has now been pushed to May 2022 from March 2022. However, the targeted in-service date for Unit 3 remains May 2021.