Siemens gets contract extension for Texas wind projects

6 May 2013 (Last Updated May 6th, 2013 18:30)

RES Americas has extended Siemens' service and maintenance contract for two wind projects in the US state of Texas.

Wind Turbines

RES Americas has extended Siemens‘ service and maintenance contract for two wind projects in the US state of Texas.

As per the new deal, Siemens will provide long-term services for the 26 SWT-2.3-93 wind turbines at the Whirlwind Energy Center and 72 SWT-2.3-93 turbines at Hackberry wind farm.

Siemens currently has an existing five-year agreement with RES Americas for both projects, but the contract extension will see the German firm provide services for an additional 15 years.

The Whirlwind and Hackberry wind projects have a combined capacity of about 226MW and are expected to produce enough electricity to meet the annual needs of around 68,000 households in Texas.

Siemens said the extensions will help both projects perform at high levels of efficiency and availability for years to come, and over the entire estimated 20-year lifecycle of the units.

The company will also provide advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics services along with its Advanced Grid Performance (AGP) upgrade at both sites.

Siemens’ AGP upgrade features a series of solutions that allow wind park operators to meet grid requirements.

Siemens Energy Service Renewables’ Energy Service Division CEO Tim Holt said the company is planning to continue its relationship with RES Americas as its service provider for both the renewable energy projects.

"As the wind energy industry continues to mature in North America, it is essential that our customers continue to receive high levels of availability, efficiency and energy output from their assets, particularly as the turbines move into their post warranty years," Holt added.

Image: The contract extension will see Siemens provide services for an additional 15 years for two Texas wind projects. Photo: Courtesy of