India’s Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC) aims to produce 24,000 million units before March 2011 compared with 18,000 million units in the last financial year.

The NPC executive director S. Thakur told Reuters: “All plants on the imported fuel are working on 100% capacity, while those that are on domestic fuels are working on 70% capacity.”

The company is in talks with GE, Westinghouse, and Areva and Russia to source reactors.

Kakrapar I and II in the western state of Gujarat, India, will be brought under the International Atomic Energy Agency in the current fiscal year.

NPC currently has 19 plants with combined annual capacity of 4,560MW, of which 1,400MW are based on imported fuels, according to Reuters.

The per-capita carbon emissions growth in India could be limited to a tenth of current US levels by 2050 by boosting solar and nuclear use.