REpower Systems has received a contract from C-Power to supply 48 wind turbines of the 6M type for the Thornton Bank offshore wind farm, located 30km in the North Sea off the Belgian cost.

A consortium of seven banks and The European Investment Bank have been advised by Watson, Farley & Williams on the financing of the second and third phase for the C-Power’s offshore wind farm Thornton Bank.

The wind farm will receive €869m ($1bn) enabling the construction of 325MW offshore wind farm between 2011 and 2013, for a total investment cost of €1.2bn ($1.7bn).

The project includes 48 jacket foundations and 48 REpower 6M wind turbines, with a rated power output of 6.15MW to be installed in the second and third phases, supported by the laying of infield cables and a second 150KV export cable, and the construction of an offshore high-voltage substation.

The turbines will collectively have a total additional capacity of 295MW, bringing the completed wind farm total capacity to 325MW, enough to provide power to 600,000 inhabitants and to avoid 450,000t of carbon emissions per annum to the environment.