Southwest Windpower has unveiled its new and efficient small wind turbine, Skystream 600, with the support of GE.

Skystream 600 produces 74% more energy for commercial and residential use than its predecessor, making it the most efficient power grid-connected turbine in its class, according to the company.

The wind turbine provides an average of 7,400kWh of energy per year per household in average annual wind speeds of 12mph.

Skystream 600 could provide up to 60% of an average home’s energy requirements, depending on the wind resource, siting and energy efficiency.

It is also a fully smart, grid-enabled wind turbine that will enable users to connect their homes or businesses to wind-generated electricity.

With the interactive Skyview system, users can monitor exactly how much energy the wind turbine produces.

GE Energy Financial Services managing director of venture capital Kevin Skillern said that through its investments in the firm, GE Energy Financial Services is helping bring Skystream 600 to market.