An environmental assessment and review of the Canoe Pass Tidal Commercialization Project, Canada’s first commercial tidal energy development, is in progress.

Canoe Pass Tidal Energy Corporation, the project developer, is expected to receive an environmental report from the federal government, following which, requirements will be met to obtain the construction permits for the project.

The project will help develop the federal environmental assessment process and lay the foundations for a new clean energy industry in Canada.

The $6.5m project involves construction of a pile-supported structure and installation of two 250KW vertical-axis marine current turbines on Vancouver Island near Campbell River.

The approval process being undertaken for this project will help to determine the permitting process for tidal energy projects within Canada.

The project also involves the re-establishment of natural tidal flow through the narrow channel between Quadra and Maud Islands channel, by removing fill from an existing man-made causeway.

Canoe Pass Tidal Energy Corporation President Chris Knight told Your Industry News that the prime objective of this project is to build a service supply cluster for tidal energy in the region, which would help to export ocean energy solutions.