Arizona Corporation Commission has given unanimous environmental approval to SolarReserve for the construction of a 150MW Crossroads Solar Energy Project.

The plant will have an operating life of 30 years, with a capacity to generate 450,000MWh of electricity, which is sufficient to power 100,000 homes during peak electricity periods.

The construction of the $500m project is likely to be complete within two years, and is expected to bring economic development in Gila Bend and the areas in the vicinity.

SolarReserve vice-president of development Tom Georgis said the approval illustrates a commitment to bringing viable, utility scale solar thermal projects to Arizona, which will contribute to the state meeting its renewable energy goals and peak energy demand with non-intermittent, fully dispatchable power.

SolarReserve will use an advanced molten salt, power tower technology developed by Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne in the project.