Clyde Bergemann has been selected by Alstom Power System as the supplier of an on-load boiler cleaning solution for unit 6 of the Sostanj coal-fired power plant in Slovenia.

Unit 6 is a 1×600MW ultra supercritical tower-type unit with a 43% net efficiency, which is currently being constructed at the plant operated by Termoelektrarna Sostanj.

The 128 soot-blowers present in the cleaning solution will consist of the series water cannon, long retractable, helical, rake and rotating element and the furnace will be equipped additionally with the optimisation system SMART Furnace-FACOS.

SMART Furnace-FACOS will detect the level and the intensity of slagging in the furnace and ensure imminent cleaning operation on boiler performance.

Clyde Bergemann will be responsible for the engineering, installation and commissioning of the cleaning system.

Upon completion in 2014, unit 6 will replace the older units, which were installed between 1956 and 1977.