The decommissioning process in preparation for Britain’s massive nuclear build plans would be made more efficient by recycling nuclear waste, a leading industry figure has announced.

Speaking to delegates at Nuclear Build Construction Challenges in London, MD of decommissioning technology company Bradtec Decon Technologies, David Bradbury, explains how decommissioning has been slow to date due to the absence of new build power plants.

The process will now be accelerated to make way for new build plants but Bradbury says the timing of decommissioning should not depend upon cost and technical factors alone, but that stakeholder perception is also very important at this stage.

The next generation of plants are more stable with better contained fuel, resulting in fewer problems with long lived radioactivity, according to Bradbury.

But the nuclear industry must improve its ability to recycle nuclear waste says Bradbury before warning that radioactive waste is a “societal” problem.

“The industry has to get better at recycling nuclear waste.

“Recycling is very important, to not only solve the waste problem but also to reduce costs”, says Bradbury.

Bradbury says recycling will be become more important includes waste minimisation, a trend he says will continue.

Nuclear Build Construction Challenges, organised by VIB events, is taking place at the Charing Cross Hotel in London on 9 and 10 March 2009.

By Ozge Ibrahim.